The Most Wonderful Ornament™

This season, we’re introducing an innovative way to experience the joy of gift giving. The Most Wonderful Ornament™ kit from United States Postal Service® tracks your Domestic Priority Mail® holiday package from your tree or desk. You’ll know when your package has been sent, delivered and—for the first time ever—opened by the recipient.

How it works:

Packing a Box

Pack It

Fill the box provided in your kit with gifts and attach the shipping label. Then send your package on its merry way.

Linking an Ornament

Link It

Connect The Most Wonderful Ornament™ to a strand of holiday lights or a wall outlet in the location of your choice.

Tracking The Most Wonderful Ornament™ Kit

Track It

Watch The Most Wonderful Ornament™ change color as your package is shipped, delivered and opened.

For detailed instructions, see the manual included in your kit or download instructions by clicking the link below.

Download Instructions
Trackable box

Check on it

If you’re away from The Most Wonderful Ornament™, you can still see the status of your package. Enter your Kit ID below to get started.

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Need help? If you have any questions or need help tracking your package, please email us. Send Email